Helping Small Businesses Succeed Online!

4 Reasons to Work with IPG Search Marketing

Choosing the right partner to help with your online marketing can be a real challenge.

At IPG Search Marketing we have been very effective in working with companies of all sizes, from startups and small, local businesses to national franchises and their franchisees, to simplify the entire online marketing process.

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SailboatWe've been taught by some of the best in website development, search engine optimization and local search optimization and we continue to stay on top of the latest developments in all of these areas.



StarfishWe've been building websites since 1994 when the Internet was in it's infancy and we had to code every website manually.

Today there are numerous tools that make our life easier and make it possible for us to provide you with a fantastic looking website that ranks well without breaking the bank.


SeagullsWe have a passion for helping small businesses succeed with their online marketing. In fact, one of our goals is to help 100,000 small businesses do just that. Will yours be one of them?



Palm TreesWe're not talking about responsive website design, although we do that too. We're talking about responsiveness to emails, calls and requests for help. When you need help we promise to get back to you within the same business day when at all possible.